Evening Meal Deal from 5pm
(sunday from 6pm)

Two Courses £13.95

(any main course with either a starter or dessert)

Three Courses £16.95

(any starter, main course, & dessert)




Meal Deal Starters - FEB 2022

  • Starters

  • Brussels Pâté

    served with toasted ciabatta & sweet onion chutney

  • Homemade soup of the day

    with warm ciabatta & butter

  • Bread & olives

    warm ciabatta, olive oil, balsamic reduction, marinated olives

  • Duck spring rolls

    with hoisin sauce

  • Chicken strips

    southern fried, sour cream & chive

  • Tempura prawns

    with sweet chilli, garlic mayo

  • Ciabatta garlic bread/ with cheese

    Available Vegan

  • Beaman’s black pudding scotch egg

    with Papi Willepotte’s sauce

  • Whitebait

    crisp fried with garlic mayo & lemon

  • Vegan ‘Meatballs’

    with arrabbiata sauce

Meal Deal Mains - FEB 2022

  • Mains

  • Greek salad

    with feta, olives, tomato, cucumber with pesto dressing

    add chicken, steak, bacon, king prawn, smoked salmon, faux 'chicken' add £3 extra

  • Mushroom tagliatelle

    with white wine, garlic, mascarpone & thyme

    add chicken, steak, bacon, king prawn, smoked salmon, faux 'chicken' add £3 extra

  • Vegan spaghetti & ‘meatballs’

    with arrabbiata sauce 

  • Wild mushroom, parmesan & truffle risotto

    add chicken, steak, bacon, king prawn, smoked salmon, faux 'chicken' add £3 etra

  • Warm hot smoked mackerel fillet

    with tomato, basil, pesto salad & coleslaw

    add buttered potatoes, fries or chips add £3 extra

  • Conchigie with pesto, pea, garlic, lemon, parmesan & cream

    Add chicken, steak, bacon, king prawn, smoked salmon, faux 'chicken'  £3 extra

  • Roast red pepper, tomato & mascarpone tagliatelle

    add chicken, steak, bacon, king prawn, smoked salmon, faux 'chicken' add £3 extra

  • Spaghetti bolognaise

    homemade traditional classic

  • Macaroni cheese

    rich cheese sauce with macaroni

    add chicken, steak, bacon, king prawn, smoked salmon, faux 'chicken' add £3 extra

  • Vegan

    Roast mediterranean tartlet

    on a bed of spicy sweetcorn & ratatouille 

  • Why not add a side to your meal?

  • Warm ciabatta £2.50

    • £2.5

    served with butter

  • French fries £3.95

    • £3.95

    served with garlic mayo, chilli & rosemary salt

  • Sweet potato fries £4.95

    • £4.95

    with garlic mayo, tomato salsa & chilli & rosemary salt

  • Peepo’s famous chip’s £3.95

    • £3.95

    with garlic mayo served with chilli and rosemary salt 

  • Crispy mozzarella sticks £5.50

    • £5.5

    with tomato salsa

  • Peepo cheesy fries

    with melted mozzarella £4.95

    with melted mozzarella & smoked bacon £5.95

  • Peepo posh fries £5.95

    • £5.95

    coated in parmesan & truffle oil

  • Garlic ciabatta £4.00

    • £4

    with cheese £4.50

    or with cheese & chilli or rosemary £5

  • Buttered new potatoes £3

    • £3

£9 Pizza Pick N Mix

  • Fancy a pizza for your main course on this deal?

  • Pizza Pick N Mix £9

  • 10” Margherita Pizza

  • Why not build your favourite pizza from any of the toppings below?

  • Meat – £2.00

    Roast chicken   |   Homemade beef   |   Bolognese
    Spicy beef   |   Spicy pepperoni   |   Spanish chorizo
    Italian prosciutto   |   Italian salami   |   Pork sausage
    Smoked bacon   |   Asian duck   |   Local ham
    Seared beef steak

  • Fish – £2.00

    Smoked salmon  |  King prawns  |  Squid

  • Dairy – £1.50

    Blue cheese  |  Buffalo mozzerella
    Parmesan  |  Sour cream

  • Veg – £1.50

    Mixed peppers  |  Red onion  |  Sun dried tomatoes
    Mushroom  |  Fresh tomato  |  Fresh pineapple
    Rocket  |  Black olives
    Fresh spinach
    Sliced new potato

  • Herbs – 25p

    Basil  |  Dill  |  Corriander  |  Chilli Flakes
    Garlic  |  Jalapeños  | 

  • Sauce – 25p

    BBQ  |  Sweet chilli  |  Balsamic reduction
    Pesto (n)  |  Sweet onion chutney

  • We stock vegan cheese, dairy free milk , gluten free pasta and pizza bases

Desserts - Feb 2022

  • Treat yourself to a dessert…
    All £5.95

  • Affogato single espresso

    served with vanilla ice creamVegan available

  • Vegan Chocolate & caramel cake

    with vegan vanilla ice cream

  • Gluten free carrot cake

  • Homemade salted chocolate & caramel brownie

  • Crème Brûlée*

    *not served with cream/ice cream/custard

  • all with either ice cream or cream vegan available

  • All desserts available individually for £5.95 inc ice cream / vegan ice cream / custard / cream

12.5% OPTIONAL service charge will be added to all bills when served at the table, distributed fairly between all staff at Peepo.

Not happy to pay? Please ask your server to remove the service charge (we will not be offended).

Polite Notice

Split Bills

You are welcome to pay your bill separately however unfortunately we are unable to split bills for you.
part/separate payments via cash/card are excepted (if you need a calculator & pen please do not hesitate to ask)

Celebratory Cakes & Decoration

We are happy for you to decorate your table (with balloons/banners etc) and of course do not mind if you would like bring in your own cake. However, we do not allow plastic confetti/tiny plastic table decoration.
Please be aware a cake charge of £1 per person will be added to your final table bill.We will bring out your cake and supply, plates etc as needed.


Due to high levels of no-shows especially during busy times.
For tables of 5 or more, you will be called in advance to confirm exact numbers.
Please be aware for each person booked in that does not show up for the pre booked table a
Charge of £10 per person will be added to your final bill.

Thank you


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