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Kisu Kisu

Enjoy like a sushi master. . .

♥ Wasabi peas - A delightful spicy healthy snack an ideal accompaniment to your drinks

♥ Edamame - Pop from the shell to enjoy this healthy snack!

Sushi is best served at room temperature (not straight from the fridge!)

Never dip your nigiri in soy rice side down, always topping side down!

Dont forget wasabi is spicy hot so go steady!

♥ Ginger is a palate cleanser to be eaten in between different sushi/sushimi.

♥ Miso soup is a delicious hot soup/broth made from fermented soya beans tofu and spring onion. Enjoyed at the end of your meal.

Please note our KISU KISU menu is available throughout Peepo.
However, your Sushi will be brought to you as and when it has been prepared.

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