Peepo Festive Cocktails & Drinks

(also available on our meal deal menus)

Available Lunch and Supper every day

from 3rd December - 31st December (New Year's Eve)

Peepo Festive Cocktails & Drinks

  • Festive Cocktails & Drinks

  • The Ambassadors Reception

    vodka, hazelnut liqeur, vanilla syrup, chocolate liqeur, cream

  • Nearly 9pm

    vodka, chocolate & mint liqeurs, cream

  • Mulled Elderflower Martini

    zubrowka vodka, apple, cinnamon & elderflower syrups

  • Terry’s treat

    vodka, chocolate liqeur, grand marnier, orange syrup

  • Mulled Wine £6

    warm red wine, spiced orange, brandy, demerara sugar

  • Salted Caramel Sling

    amaretto, baileys, salted caamel syrup, milk & cream

  • All £8.50

Please inform staff of any allergens.

12.5% OPTIONAL service charge will be added to all bills when served at the table, distributed fairly between all staff at Peepo.

Not happy to pay? Please ask your server to remove the service charge (we will not be offended).


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